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Translation Services

For the past few years we are helping companies and individuals express themselves in the Greek and the English language. Our translation services cover a wide range of industries and cater for the communication needs of every type of business.

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Types of documents

Because we deal with only one language combination (Greek and English) we aim at being best at it for any subject. We undertake translation projects in all subjects, from a 1-page letter to 1,000-page manual. Some of the types of text we translate daily are:

  • General texts (e.g. CVs, travel guides, news articles)
  • Technical specifications
  • Financial, bank, stock market reports
  • Insurance documents
  • Medical reports (and files)
  • European Union texts
  • Tenders
  • Legal documentation
  • Articles of Association
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Judgments
  • Litigation documents
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Advertising and marketing material
  • Tax documents
  • Scientific reports, dissertations, papers
  • Real estate documents
  • Training material
  • Manuals of electrical or electronic devices


Adapting marketing campaigns to local markets is what we call transcreation. Transcreation is all about taking a message written in one language and making it work in the language of the local market. Transcreation is something more than translation in the sense that concepts must be adapted to linguistic and cultural conventions, so that an international brand is locally relevant and has an impact on the local consumer. Our range of specialised services includes:

  • In-market insight
  • Consulting on adapting product designs
  • Cross-cultural checks
  • Cross-cultural styling
  • Creative copywriting
  • Text control
  • Brand understanding
  • Understanding of the local market reality

Text revision

If your documents have been translated already and you would like a subject expert to review them, we can offer specialist review and quality assurance for your project. If proofreading is what you need, a native Greek or English speaker can come to your office and assist you with your project.

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