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Machine Translation: Post-editing

Post-editing machine translated output differs from text revision in the sense that translation errors are not the same. For example, an MT system will hardly ever produce typos or omit sentences or phrases. On the other hand, MT systems are likely to produce absurd mistranslations or sentences that do not make any sense, something that a human translator is very unlikely to do.

Translator working Linguaspot's post-editors are trained on MT errors for the Greek and English languages and have the right skills and attitude to evaluate MT output.

We offer three types of post-editing services: rapid (correct blatand mistakes only), minimal (correct the type of mistakes you want or those that impede comprehension only) and full (turn MT output into high quality publishable text). We also offer MT evaluation with a detailed report on the performance of your MT system.

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Machine Translation: Evaluation

You may have developed a machine translation system to be used internally within your company. You may have bought one from a third party and you, or your vendor, have customised it with your data. Or maybe you are a developer of machine translation systems or components for enterprise clients. Or a research institution funded to develop an MT system. In every case, how can you evaluate reliably the quality of translation output? And how can you pinpoint specific linguistic problems that your system encounters, so as to know whether to enhance the rules, the lexical data or the statistics?

Our dedicated MT specialist team can design and conduct an impartial evaluation campaign for the MT system you are interested in. More specifically, we can:

  • Work with you to define the evaluation objectives and propose evaluation metrics that are appropriate for your objectives.
  • Conduct human assessments of MT translation quality by using human measures and providing an analysis of the results.
  • Use commonly-used automated metrics or customise any available and suitable automatic metric.
  • Compare different MT engines on a representative set of documents.
  • Contrast MT engine translation performance before and after MT system development and/or customization.
  • Measure the productivity gains of incorporating machine translation into your translation workflow.
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