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1. If you are looking for a billingual (Greek+English) glossary, you need to search for the Greek terms, e.g. οικονομικά.
2. If your search has two or more words, you need to put them inside double quotation marks " " so that you get more precise results. But if the results are only a few, you can ommit the quotation marks and this way you'll get more results.

TAUS Data Association

Parallel English-Greek corpora

One of the commonest complaints expressed by translators who just bought a Translation Memory system is the difficulty of filling in the database with quality legacy translations. Here there is a list of some FREE parallel copora which translators can download and add to their TM database. The corpora come from authoritative sources, so they could be considered reliable in terms of quality. Please note that downloading the above resources from the respective websites is permitted for research purposes only and for private use.

Greek glossaries

If you are looking for a glossary in a specialist domain such as gastronomy, finance, telecommunications, law or medicine, you might find something here:

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