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1. If you are looking for a billingual (Greek+English) glossary, you need to search for the Greek terms, e.g. οικονομικά.
2. If your search has two or more words, you need to put them inside double quotation marks " " so that you get more precise results. But if the results are only a few, you can ommit the quotation marks and this way you'll get more results.

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Greek glossaries

Stuck on a term of a specialised subject? Confused by the language of IT experts? Browse this library of Greek and English glossaries and specialised dictionaries to find the terms you are looking for. The library consists of a collection of links to several websites offering linguistic information on a variety of subjects.

Downloadable glossariesDownloadable Glossaries

We believe in sharing resources among other translators. This is why we are offering some of our glossaries in TM-friendly file formats so that you can import them easily into your Translation Memory system or your terminology management tool. By clicking on any of the links below you will be able to download a zip file containing both an XLS and a TXT file.

Websites with Greek glossaries

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A good translator is also a good researcher. So you might also want to check other websites that offer access to linguistic resources. Linguaspot recommends Glossarist, which is an extensive and well-organised directory of English glossaries, and the Glossaries list, sorted by language, created and maintained by Language Automation, Inc. Other websites containing Greek glossaries are:

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