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Data compilation and cleaning

Translation resources are a valuable asset whether you are a translation agency or a company producing multilingual content. Maintaining the quality of these resources and enlarging them constantly with new translations is key for augmenting their value and for reducing the costs of future translations in the same domain or for the same client.

Linguaspot's consultants are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to help you compile large amounts of bilingual or multilingual translation memories, by aligning texts and manually ensuring the quality of automatic alignments. The alignment can be done at any level (paragraph, sentence, phrase, word).

Translator working We also understand that the quality of your translation resources may deteriorate in time, especially if many translators work on the same project and update the translation memory with their translations with average of no quality control.

This is why many translation memories can some times get filled with inconsistent translations and errors.

If you are also using a machine translation system along with your TM system, there are higher chances that your translation memory repository becomes contaminated with lesser quality translations.

A linguist can clean your translation memory from erroneous translations, duplicate segments, untranslated segments or post-edit any of the segments of which you are unsure about the quality.

Our technology

Thanks to our ongoing involvement in translation technology research projects we keep pace with technological developments in translation software and we choose the best to implement in our translation process. For details on the specific translation memory systems that we use, please contact us.

Possessing the nessesary applications, knowledge and skills, we are able to work on a range of file types including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat PDF, HTML or XML pages. The translation memory systems that we use allow us to build specific glossaries and style guides (as well as a seperate translation memory) for each client and because all translations are archived, future updates are easier to make and more cost-effective.

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