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Language & culture Consulting

Linguaspot consultants are language and translation technology specialists who offer consulting services to companies and government departments.

ConsultantsIn particular, we can design and run training sessions on Greek culture and language to English-speaking employees planning to relocate to Greece or Cyprus.

Culture and language training is also offered in the context of military projects by specialists with experience in Operational Training and Advisory Group programmes.


Translation technology products come in various forms and setups (e.g. server-based solutions vs. web-based, TM systems with integrated terminology management features or machine translation). Getting the right product for your business and achieving best value for money is crucial for the sucess of your translation process.

We can provide independent advice on Translation Technology solutions that meet your needs by conducting product reviews and comparisons. We can help you acquire a translation management solution and integrate it to the organisation's existing business processes. In addtion, we can offer:

  • Training on Translation Memory systems
  • Translation/localisation workflow analysis and streamlining
  • Optimisation of the translation process
  • Consulting on corpora and glossary compilation, automation of the activity
  • Consulting on terminology extraction projects, automation of the activity

Thanks to the knowledge we acquire in every project that we undertake and our technical and business background, we guarantee value added services in every level of customer requirements. If you are considering commissioning a Linguaspot consultant, contact us.

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